About Me

It’s hard to talk about yourself. Watch me try below!

Equine Art at Its Finest…Someday!

My name is Caitee Cooper, and I’m an amateur equine artist who started customizing model horses in early 2018. I’ve been a longtime admirer of many sculptors and finish work artists, and finally decided to try my hand at painting after a loving push from my husband, Dallin. This sounds mushy, but it’s true so I’m saying it: his belief in my artistic abilities is what really got me started!

So far I’ve only done simple repaints of Breyer models, but would love to get into customizing Stones, re-sculpting manes and tails, and eventually, figuring out the world of artist resins. As someone who’s still very young in the customizing world, I invite you to join me as I learn and grow as an artist!

How Did I Get Started?

When I was about seven years old, my best friend gave me a Breyer horse catalog. I had always loved horses (and animals in general, really) but this set off a lifelong love of equine sculpture and artistry. After actively collecting Breyer and Stone models for nearly fifteen years, I took a nearly three-year hiatus, during which I married the love of my life. After seeing some of the pictures of customized models online, he said: “I bet you can do that!” And the rest is history. Now I work in mixed media, primarily pastels, acrylics, and colored pencils.

What Else?

I live in the gorgeous state of Wyoming, and love it here! My husband and I run a small digital marketing agency, in which I primarily work as a writer. When I’m not working or painting, you can find me hiking, trail riding, reading good books, volunteering with my church, playing the violin, or just hanging out with my family.

Questions? Comments?

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