So, I’m relatively new at customizing. And like many of you, I really like novelty, which is why newer molds are my jam. Recently, I was able to acquire a Breyer Valentine and Heartbreaker set to customize, which I was super excited about. Currently, their destiny is to become light chestnut (mare) and palomino (foal) with a little bit of chrome.

But first I had to get past how gorgeous Valentine was when she got here. I was unprepared! She had a depth of shading and color┬áthat can be hard to find in a lot of original finish models. After all, the majority of them are now painted in China by workers who, although well-meaning, probably haven’t really ever been around horses. But this painter nailed it! Props to them!

Anyway, I stared at her for a bit and found the flaws the original owner was talking about that made her customizing quality (and it’s a good thing they were there, or else she might have stayed her beautiful bay self and I’d be on the hunt for a new mom for Gilen). It’s not like finding a project horse that was once a gorgeous example of the original finish model is earth-shattering news, but I thought I’d share some pictures. I just use my phone camera and we live in a basement apartment, so you’ll have to forgive their poor quality. The fact that her color showed up as well as it did is a testament to just how well she was painted!


With Flash

Without Flash

Needless to say, I got over my reluctance pretty quickly, and she’s now in our utility room drying from her first coat of primer. I always want to try and improve on what I’ve been given, and body quality or not, so far she’s been my biggest challenge! I’ll keep the updates happening here as she and her baby progress.