I’m Going To Do better

Turns out graduating college, moving, and a husband’s tonsillectomy can really eat into your blogging time…

So… you may have noticed that I’ve fallen victim to the classic first-time blogger mistake of writing a couple posts, then letting life get in the way of writing more. (Or maybe you haven’t noticed because it’s been too long and I only had three posts to begin with.)

To be fair, we’ve had a hectic few months. Dallin and I both graduated college in December (thank GOODNESS!!!) and shortly thereafter moved from Laramie to Riverton in central Wyoming.

And when I say “shortly thereafter,” I mean I took my last final on Friday, came home, packed all night, and we loaded up on Saturday and left. We even skipped commencement! Which we’re both SO okay with – neither of us particularly care to stand on ceremony so if we can¬†get out of a ceremony, all the better.

Once settled, we hit the ground running as we continued to try to grow our little marketing agency. God is definitely blessing us and it’s growing, but as any entrepreneur will tell you, it takes a lot of work. But it really is all worth it.

Then, in late January, my dear Grandma Cox passed away. Much of my inspiration as an artist I owe to her. She was an incredible nature painter with no formal education, but her work is beautiful regardless. Honestly, she could have displayed her work alongside many of the professionals I’ve seen and it would have looked right at home.

After the funeral, I got the nasty cold that was going around, and it was followed by a sinus infection that knocked me totally out for about three days (it made NaMoPaiMo even more of a challenge – I’m still convinced that only divine intervention helped me finish on time! But more on that in another post.)

Then, the icing on the cake. Dallin had been having troubles with his tonsils for about two months at this point, so he finally went to see an ENT, who recommended that he get them taken out. So he signed up, we ran it past our healthcare cost sharing folks to see if they would help us cover it (they did), and he had the surgery on March 5th, two days before his birthday.

Guys, adult tonsillectomies suck.

When you’re a kid, you heal really fast and your tonsils are a heck of a lot smaller than they are as an adult. So most kids have little to no problems when their tonsils are removed and some of them are even back to school within a week or so. Come to find out that is NOT the case for kids over the age of 18. Dallin was out of commission for a week, and then we had to rush him back to the ER because he had started bleeding.

One surgery later, they released him from the hospital. He’s doing great now and has even started talking a little! And he’s finally finding it easier to eat real food, which is speeding up his recovery considerably. He’s on the mend! (Which is great news, because that means I’m no longer trying to run our entire business by myself – definitely a job for two people.)

So now, with things settling down, I’m finally working on some customs again. I did participate in NaMoPaiMo, which was a BLAST! So I’ll write a post on that later this week because I tried some new things and am pretty pleased with how they worked out.

But anyway, I’m back. Life just kinda ebbs and flows, and we have to take it as it comes. Luckily, what’s coming looks great (and hopefully my customs will too!)