Painted “Sneakers” Resin

Sculpted by Kitty Cantrell 


About two years ago, my father-in-law bought three shetland ponies. He’s since broken the older two to pull a wagon, and they have a lot of fun carrying all sorts of small children around on their backs (or, at least, the small children have a lot of fun.) This is a portrait of Molly, who is the mother of Matilda.

Molly and her partner Dolly pull a wagon for grandkids and adopted grandkids alike – and their parents, and siblings, and friends, etc. etc. She’s a very popular pony. In her spare time, this cute little mare enjoys charging around the pasture at full speed (but only on cool days), eating crabapples, carrot tops, and watermelon rinds, being petted by affectionate family members, and swapping the latest gossip with the neighbor’s three quarter horses.

My portrait isn’t completely accurate, as I’m sure you’ll probably notice as you’re perusing her pictures. However, for my first-ever portrait of a relatively complicated pattern and color, I felt she turned out all right! Before sale, she was awarded a reserve championship in the open Artist Resin Workmanship division at a local show.


Scroll to the bottom of the pictures to see pictures of my finished Molly and Matilda pieces together.


Details Include:

  • Glossed eyes, hooves, and nostrils
  • Intricate and detailed mapping
  • Striped hooves
  • Individually haired tail blending


Her Portrait

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