Process, Pricing, And More

Options, Pricing, And Turnaround Time

First off, thank you for considering me to paint your horse! My commission books are closed as of August 2021 as we prepare to welcome our second child into the family in March. Once things settle down a bit (a funny joke, I know), I hope to be able to open my books again on a limited basis. Thank you for your understanding.

At this time, I am not painting micros since they are a choking hazard. While models in progress are obviously not kept within reach of my children, I NEVER want to take that risk.


Available Colors

I’m currently offering limited color availability because my time to paint is so limited. For the moment, I’m sticking to colors that I know I can nail (for both your sake and mine ha ha…)






Roan (Blue, Red, and Strawberry)


Appaloosa on a case-by-case basis



Large Traditional Plus (Shannondell, Stone Drafters, 1:6 scale models, etc.)

Solid colors (includes your choice of face/leg markings): $300

Pintos, Hair-by-hair roans, and Appaloosas: $400

Dapples are an additional $50



Solid colors (including face/leg markings): $250

Pintos, hair-by-hair roans, and Appaloosas: $325

Dapples are an additional $40



Solid colors (including face/leg markings): $200

Pintos, hair-by-hair roans, and Appaloosas: $250

Dapples are an additional $30



Solid colors (including face/leg markings): $100

Pintos, hair-by-hair roans, and Appaloosas: $150

Dapples are an additional $20


All of my work is done in oil paints and acrylics with no airbrushing used at all. I also juggle work/side hustles in addition to my studio and stay-at-home parenting, so my schedule is very busy. Please allow 3-6 months for me to finish your model (though I will finish it faster if I can). Intricate pinto, appaloosa, and roan patterns may take even longer. I will keep you updated on the status of your model as it progresses.

PayPal is my preferred payment method. I will also accept check and money orders. A nonrefundable deposit of at least $50 is required up front, with the balance due upon completion of the model unless we have worked out a time payment plan. Prices above do not include the cost of the body or shipping to you once it’s finished.

I strongly recommend fully insuring your model for shipping. I currently default to USPS unless you have another preference. I will ship internationally, but understand that USPS does not offer international insurance, and all shipping is done at your own risk. I’ll pack very well, but am not responsible for damage incurred during shipping. If your model is damaged in shipping, I will help you open a claim and do everything I can to help you get reimbursed.

 Time payments are accepted! The $50 deposit is still required up front, and we will work out the details of your payment schedule according to your needs. All time payments are nonrefundable; if you back out of the transaction all monies previously paid will be voided and I reserve the right to market and sell the model as I see fit.

 I will not plagiarize another artist’s work. You can send me pictures of both real and model horses that are similar in color, pattern, etc. that you’re wanting me to paint, but I won’t attempt to duplicate another artist’s finishwork. I do not do repair work or sculpting.

Please do not use my photos without my express written permission.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! I might not be super fast at responding, but I will respond eventually and I would love to hear from you.



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